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Grey Hack allows players to create their own executables from within the game, programmed in the GreyScript language.

You can create binary executables in Grey Hack using CodeEditor. But first you will need to understand a little about GreyScript.


GreyScript is similar to Lua (as well as even JavaScript), and is easy to learn. It is powered by MiniScript (although customised with many modifications) and is now heavily integrated into Grey Hack's native commands. If you are experienced in programming and need a quick reference, check out the MiniScript CheatSheet.

Getting Started

These docs are split into three key sections:

  • Data Handling
    • Explains different GreyScript data types and their native functions
  • Conventions
    • Explains some of the more detailed inner workings of GreyScript, like syntax and scope
  • API
    • Outlines all of the Grey Hack specific API functions for programming executables

To see a full list of functions and properties, check out Data Handling and the GreyScript API.


If you're having difficulty with programming in GreyScript, the first step really is to RTFM (read this friendly manual 😛). Don't forget there's a handy search feature at the top.

But if that's not working for you, you can always check out the #code-support channel on the Grey Hack Discord.